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Yoga Classes Pricey?


Okay, okay- more than anything when I get questions from peers regarding my new love for yoga they worry about nothing but the price. They think it’s a class that most rich people take. Really, it’s not…. If people can waste money in alcohol and cigarettes- what’s wrong with investing on these yoga classes while you see the benefits both inside and out?

In Yoga Philippines (Alabang- please check older post on yoga studios)- the drop in class is just Php 300 and the unlimited at Php 1500.

In Bliss Yoga Manila, they have an unlimited weekly trial for only Php 1000 and from Dec1-15, it’s 15% off on all unlimited (Php5000 reg price)….

I guess the best way is to do a drop-in before trying an unlimited one week trial to make it worth your while. Usually, after a yoga class (1st), you will ache and realize that you have so many muscles in your body that you never knew you had. You will rest I am sure (but I suggest you don’t), so drop-in will be a good way to try and save money.