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Sun Salutation


1. Mountain pose : Stand erect on asan joining the hands together , bring them in front of the chest in the posture of folded hands placing root of the thumb on the cavity of heart , thumbs & fingers close each other & bent forward a little. The elbows shall be straight, parallel to the ground, shoulders tension free & eyes gently closed.

2. Hands up : While exhaling the breath stretch hands up forward the sky. Arms should remain straight close to the ears. The distance between the hands should be as wide as shoulders. Bend back the hands, neck & body. The lumber portion of the body should remain in its natural position. No need to bent it by force.

3. Head to knees : Now bring the arms forward from the front & bent your body down while exhaling breath & keeping the arms close to the ears. While bending go on stretching the arms towards the ground & place them on the left & right side of the feet , the forehead touching the knees which should remain straight.

4. Lunge pose : Inhaling take the left leg back ward with sole in vertical position keeping the waist downward , chest stretched forward , bend the neck as far backward as possible.

5. Plank pose : While exhaling the breath , take the right leg also to the position of the left leg. Close the heels & place them on the ground. Raise the hips upward to the maximum. Touch the chin with the root of the throat. Take the body as far back as possible.

6. Stick pose : Inhaling , bring the body parallel to the ground. First place the knees on the ground , then the chest & thereafter the forehead. Stomach should be slightly raised from the ground.. make the breath normal.

7. Upward dog : Raise the body , move it forward & inhaling keep the elbows straight , the chest fully stretched forward & the neck bent backward as far as possible. In this pose the knees will remain fully on the ground & the forefeet fingers in the vertical position.

8. Downward dog : Exhale & lift from the hips & push back up more same as the fifth pose.

9. Lunge pose : Same as the fourth pose.

10. Head to knees : Same as the third pose.

11. Hands up : Same as the second pose.

12. Mountain pose : Same as the first pose.

Sun salutation makes the body of practitioner , comely , active & lustrous , it is useful for every person of any age. Surya Namaskar ventilates and tones up the lungs and glands and is good for asthma, diabetes, thyroid, kidney problems and feminine ailments. It is good for hypertension & beneficial for all the systems in human body like respiratory, circulatory, endocrinal and digestive systems.