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Vinyasa Flow-all about the breathing


I think the best part of this kind of yoga is truly linking your breath with every movement or form you make as you do your practice. Now I know why in the past, I would feel like I get dizzy doing a pose or feel too tired half-way into the practice– it’s the linking of the breathing. The correct breathing taught to me in Bliss yoga is to inhale through the nose, soft mouth then as you exhale, placing the tip of your tongue at the back of your 2 front teeth, exhale like there’s an invisible straw more like there’s an ocean wave/kinda snoring sound…. Now, knowing how to breathe correctly is one thing, but going through from one pose to another, following the correct breathing takes practice…. Anyways, I am pleased yesterday since I finished a practice (which was a hard class!) revived because I knew I was getting the right breathing with each poses. I am still not that expert in flexibility, but I am able to do things that I couldn’t imagine I could do the first time I entered Bliss Yoga.