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Taken from http://xenical.com.ph

Eating Right

Don’t waste the opportunity to lose weight with Xenical by continuing to eat badly!

Eating too much causes excess weight. Now is the time to stop consuming high-calorie fatty foods to allow the Xenical action to completely work. Refer to the table below for a more balanced diet:




High fiber cereals: Raisin bran, porridge, Skim milk or low fat milk, Fruits – Banana, mango, Plain toast with a thin spreading of jam, Boiled or poached egg



Salad with vinaigrette dressing, Boiled vegetables, Grilled Fish & shell fish, Grilled Chicken (don’t eat skin), Lean cuts of beef and pork, (trim off the fatty bits), Spaghetti & Macaroni with tomato sauce, Plain lugaw, Steamed rice, Soupy noodles without adding oil, Low fat or Diet Mayonnaise & catsup tuna



Fresh Fruits, Sherbet, Dried fruits, Canned Fruits

What will happen if I continue to eat high fat, high-calorie foods while taking Xenical?

You may not lose much weight if you eat fatty foods. Eating high fatty foods will just undo the Xenical weight loss effect.

Hours after consuming high-calorie foods like deep fried foods, fried chicken, pizza, ice cream, creamy toppings, cakes etc., you may have oily bowel movements. This is Xenical working hard to stop your body from absorbing some of the fat from the food you ate. If you have this experience, don’t stop taking Xenical, but give up fatty foods. Make sure you only eat fatty foods on rare occasions and in small portions so you don’t gain the weight that you lost with Xenical.

Here is Xenical’s added benefits- It teaches you how to discipline yourself to avoid foods that aren’t good for your health.

What are the correct Food Portions to eat?


• Start your day right with a high-fiber breakfast because it helps boost your metabolism and fills you with fewer calories. Good options are high grain cereals and fruits. Avoid eat heavy fried food for breakfast.

• Don’t skip meals. Have smaller in-between snacks that are low fat i.e. fruit, low fat milk or cheese, crackers so you never get hungry and binge out on food.

• Avoid eating meals with big portions. You don’t have to fill your whole plate with food, so try cutting it down to two-thirds or half a plate.

• Avoid eating high-fat foods. Skip butter or mayonnaise on sandwiches and toast. You can also trim visible fat off meats.

• Use low-fat cooking techniques – boil, grill, roast, poach. Use a non-stick pan that requires no oil. Should you fry your food, use small amounts of canola oil.

• If you like eggs, boil or poach them.

• Don’t eat junk foods like chocolates bars and chips, and soft drinks. Stock up on more fruits and vegetables.

• Drink 8 glasses of water per day or diet sodas instead of softdrinks. Juices and ice tea can be high in sugar so try diluting it with water. If you like cappuchino lattes, use skim milk or low fat milk. Minimize alcohol intake since it is high in calories.

• Try cooking vegetables in different ways – have them boiled or raw in salads and sprinkle herbs or put in salsa. Eat more salads but use fat-free dressing or vinaigrette. Don’t use excessive amounts of dressing. Sometimes, fat-free dressing also has calories.

• Read labels and aim to buy foods with 5 grams of fat or less per serving.

• When eating out, order appetizer as your main course. Avoid creamy dishes and heavy desserts, select grilled or steamed dishes, and go for tomato-based sauces and salads.