Cotto vs Pacquiao Fight


This is what I wrote in Cotto’s wall in FB:

Hi Miguel, this is Ira from the Philippines. I just want you to know that you were a real warrior the whole fight with Pacquiao. The sportsmanship and humility you showed truly gained the highest RESPECT from Filipinos like me. More power! Bless you and yuor family! Please know you are welcome to visit our country!!!

I just think that Cotto sustaining until the 12th round despite the hard punching of Manny was really heroic. Plus the fact that he embraced and congratulated Manny…. That truly made a difference! That’s a real man!

As for our boxing legend, I thank God that He blesses him with all the glory!!! I think I told my husband that when Manny has a fight, the whole country is STRESSED out! Wish STRESSTABS were given out for free, eh?

Congrats to the BOTH OF YOU for the great FIGHT YESTERDAY!!!!