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Classes in Bliss Yoga-Try it!


Namaste, welcome to Bliss Yoga


Sanskrit for “flowing with grace” and “following your heart”, Anusara is a school of hatha yoga that unifies a life-affirming Tantric philosophy of intrinsic goodness with the Universal Principles of Alignment. Be open to sharing with an open heart in class.


Bhakti Urban Flow is an amazing practice of chanting and vinyasa. We begin the class with a chant and end with a chant. Not to worry…chanting is of no religious origin. It’s a way to prepare the mind and body for a vigorous practice and calm the mind at the end before moving back into our daily lives.


Gentle flow is a deeply relaxing way of practicing yoga. The body is supported with props and the poses held for extended period of time. Without using much muscular strength, gentle flow helps facilitate a deep release especially around the hips, hamstring, back, and shoulder area. This class is ideal for people with injuries, elderly, and/or new practioners.


Heated Flow is a challenging 75 minute vinyasa flow class practiced in a heated room.  The heat warms the body’s muscles and joints, which allows for maximum stretching and strengthening with a reduced rate of injury. A great way to detoxify the body through sweating!


Created almost a century ago, by Joseph Pilates, this class helps to strengthen the band around the entire trunk (abdominal and lower back). Done entirely on a mat, each movement is carefully choreographed to ensure safety and results.


This Ashtanga based practice is most commonly enjoyed by Westerners throughout the US and was made popular by Yoga Guru Bran Kest. Linking the postures to the breath, Power Yoga consists of sequences that challenge you both on a physical and mental level. A complete balance of backbends, forward folds, core strength hip openers, and inversions, Power Yoga is sure to have you leaving this class feeling relieved and drenched.


Moving and flowing from posture to posture, Radiant flow focuses on breath work in each pose as students move toward strength and flexibility of the body and the mind. Classes may be formed around a theme such as backbends, hip openers, forward folds, etc.


Moving & flowing with grace and ease from posture to posture. Precise instruction & alignment on basic poses are given with focus on breath work a students move toward strength & flexibility of the body and the mind. Classes may be formed around a program such as backbends, hip-openers, forward folds, or a sequence to challenge and energize.


Intermediate class for students with prior practice who want to take it to the next level. Emphasis on refinement of the principles learned in Flow 1. A variety of more challenging poses are introduced to open up your mind, body, and heart! Invigorating practice with playful flow of postures at a more upbeat pace. It is recommended that practioners be able to kick up into a handstand with the assistance of the wall and push up into wheel.


Yoga Fundamentals is the most time-tested, powerful method of self-improvement known to man. It utilizes mental focus and deep breathing while performing a series of specific postures. This practice focuses deeply on alignment, form, and strength; building a firm foundation in the feet, knees, hip, and core.