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A foreign barat…. at the heart of Makati


So fine, I am posting a topic away from sports but I just had to share it. You know how it is when you have foreign clients? Usually, when they invite you out or your team, the person who invited should treat right? Besides the fact that any country outside Southeast asia would surely equate to a higher rate compared to our Philippines pesos right???? Oh well, NOT ALL. Some MEN – FOREIGNER can be truly BARAT. Barat is a local/tagalog term for a PARSIMONIOUS, THRIFTY, MISERABLY CHEAP PERSON. So anyways– my team brought him to this posh, cool bar in The Fort Strip. I drank my Arctic Melon, we all had something to eat– then finally, when the bill arrived— my sales coach showed it to him (since they seated beside each other)–you know what he DID? He paused, stretched and yawned… Looked at the side of the room, stood up and went to the rest room…. But we still gave him a chance, we waited ’til he came back– but to no avail— he just sat and unwilling to reach out for his wallet. So being the boss of all these Filipinos– I had to pay. The worst part, he had 12 bottles while my team just had 2 or 3 bottles… Cheap cheap cheap…Moral of the story: always ask in advance, upfront, despite the cultural barrier– if he will pay or not! 🙂