So I came across Oxyelite pro by mere accident when I ordered Gaspari Mitotropin from Phil Supplements and returned it back. I had issues with the cracked pills and the smell so they happily wanted to return my money back but chose to try another product. I looked their website and saw OEP. Read reviews and as soon as I got feedback that you will not feel the chill, or light headedness, I asked for them to deliver it asap.

OEP is not the first FB that I’ve used in my life. I’ve tried RIPPED FUEL, Lipo Black for Her, Hydroxycut– all of which, I had that light headedness, jittery feeling and dry throat…. SO I was kinda excited for Oxyelite Pro given the positive reviews of elite athletes and body builders.

First day – I didn’t drink as much coffee.  I only drank 1 decaf in the morning and took the pill. I was alert. I didn’t feel like eating. I was just conscious of my water intake so I drank as much water as I can….

4th day onwards- I was taking OEP twice- one in the morning and mid day. I was able to drink my normal coffee per day and was fine. All through out the 8 weeks, OEP was great. I was seeing the scales move down. I had energy. It helped me lose the 10 lbs by the appetite suppression it gives. It also alleviated my mood.


Mood was great

Appetite was suppressed

Energy high in the morning

Aided in my 10 lbs loss

Value for your money – Php2400 for 9 capsules


I had acne breakouts. I had very clear skin but I had 2 breakouts on my face, chest and numerous at the back. I am medicating it with benzoyl peroxide and cleaning the area as much as I can.

I had energy crashes. Work out time, I would crash half way. At home, I slept like a baby, too tired.

Can’t mix it with cold medicine- I had colds for 3 days during the 8 weeks and the first day I took Neozep no drowse, I felt wired. Not good to mix at all as stated in the bottle.

Overall, I’d give OEP 8.5 rating as this fat burner works with minimal side effects!!


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