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My 3rd day Challenge – Can I bikram or not????? :-(


Well, I am crossing my fingers but it seems like my meeting is until 5 pm and would need to do tons of stuff. Counting my headcount, moving people, scheduling new classes, transferring people. If I had to choose, I would want to be sitting somewhere in palawan, drinking vodka and admiring the view….

I don’t know if I can attend bikram today which is sad. I’ve been here since 630am and I need an energy drink 🙂

I need an inspiration. Oh, a pic of my handsome bunsoy Riley:


I love Sports-Tracker


So Jules introduced me to download this application for Iphone that I installed a month ago but never cared to use. So with the onset of my 30 day challenge- I tried it.  I love it. It’s so dependable and motivating to see all the details of my run… You can also share it via twitter, other sports tracker users and facebook. It has a diary and analysis of your routines. I am actually super sore all over. I can’t raise my legs but I feel good. Like they said, if your hurt or lonely- exercise more since it gives you more ENDORPHINS- the happy stuff;-) The world is good. I probably slipped recently, but life is good and people around me are great. NAMASTE!

Back to work -30 day challenge


So work was heavy, what’s new? I’m glad it was heavy. I’m glad it was because I still am going through the phase of forgetting how I wasted 2 weeks of my time like nothing happened. I am truly awed on how some people can just do it. I am accepting the fact that we may never smile at each other or be friends like what he said to Michie – so I am glad that work was heavy. I am also glad that Nat decided it’s time for me to focus on RMO because of the tedious problems arising from the past months. This means more Insular for me and just after lunch RCBC meetings. Oh Onin called, and for whatever womanly reasons – I vented out. He said, so that’s the reason why I never see you or you never text back. It’s not that actually. I stopped texting him months ago, only because he was an employee of mine and didnt have the time. So why did I make time for this other guy- jeez- talk about more and more stupidity- took doses ala vitamins. I think the learning I got from this is that never let a guy treat you that way. Even through text. I guess I was mesmerized on how he was putting a face on when were together and wished he was really like that. From the description of his friend – I guess his long time unsorted crush friend from the olden days said- leave it all behind. And whether or not the advice from her was sincere, there’s really no way I think that him and I will be in tuned. I wished at some point yes but he has this view of how to treat a girl that I can never accomodate. I’ve just done so much in my life to go back to that area, regardless how stunnning he is. I just cant let a person throw me off like a stupid washcloth used to wipe shit.
So Onin listened and couldn’t believe it. He asked if he can visit in RCBC to cheer me up. I said I don’t know. He wanted to bring flowers I said I’m too busy. He said, if I listened to him, and just entertained him- I wouldn’t be in this shit hole right now. LOL like all men are alike hello? He invited to go out this weekend. If his friend visiting Manila Rochelle will push through seeing me, then I guess he has to wait again for next week. Or if I feel like plunging my head in a sewer!
I am thankful I am not seeing him for a while now. Makes it easier. The more I don’t see him, the better I am focusing on the normal things. If I think of the “nice” version of him, I often smile and wish that he is well. Not coughing. Or playing basketball for hours. Maybe that’s why I never grew fond of basketball? All men playing it hurt women. Well, I know he hates me and probably is babbling serious offensive stuff about me to everyone so what the hell am I thinking in the first place. All I know is, if people asked about him, I say, I don’t want to talk about it. Refrains me from telling the whole world things bad that we both should have just shared with each other in the first place. No need for the world to know any bad stuff about him. Besides, I rubbed his anger. I pushed his button, he did mine. We were world war 4 in the making. I really don’t know how much longer I will be discussing him on this blog but I am not counting. Besides, I hope no one is reading this shit anyways.
I am congratulating myself for a job well done on Sam’s bday last Sunday. Truly tired. Michie hit her new car backing up and I was happy. Sam was happy. It’s been a while since I felt good. She said in her bday wish that she wishes for us to win the lotto so I dont have to work! Lol feels soooo good that my kids want me all the time-to the point of them not wanting me to work.
So I committed myself to a 30 day challenge. Physically challenge me and see how much I’ll lose with the activities I have in line. Last week, I started feeling my right rotator cap hurt. I knew it was time to mix something else with boxing as I am again injuring my shoulder. So I did a 3.1km run in Manila Memorial, 45 minutes boxing and 30 minutes light weights. I feel sore. But I feel strong. Tomorrow will be the same and then Thursday, I start my Bikram Yoga. Supposed to be tomorrow but I committed to running again or else I’ll be more sore. I have done yoga and heated yoga in the past for a yr or more but never did BIKRAM. Im actually anxious. Will the Alabang studio have soooo many students? I am going to do this alone for now and will work from there if I like it or not. Then there’s Options Studio in RCBC -15th flr. I went there today and found out they mix yoga and pilates in their grp class. I’ve done pilates – but got bored. It’s too technical. Both are pricely. Bikram is 850 per sessioon. Options yoga+pilates-650 per session. I think I am ok with Bikram for now. Besides, I like the hot room. Less tendency to strain my muscles. And the calories you burn equivalents to an hr of boxing spar. I guess with this 30 day challenge, I am looking to seeing myself improve, have a stable mindset, some sort of peace and forgive myself for letting ugly things happen to me. My trainer is sooo supportive. He said, he’ll commit suicide if I am not hot by October. LOL. I’ll do my best for his kids!

Going back to D HOT room


So it’s final, 3 days of pain and discomfort on my right rotator cap means I need to go back to YOGA. Its been 8 months of 0 practice and I need it to heal and be my therapy for my shoulder. I cant see myself not punching anything so might as well start the healing process- who knows, my heart and spirit gets healed as well. I just trust that yoga provides so much practice on serenity physically and spiritually:)

I think ill join bikram yoga alabang on wednesday. Do the unlimited weekly and then decide from there. I so want to go back to bliss makati but they moved to jupiter and i fear driving there to find no parking:-( so alabang it is!