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Funny thoughts on Muay thai


1. Never wear an expensive lacey T-back or G-string when doing muay thai. I ruined mine today coz’ I came from work and had no time to change- it sucks really 🙂

2. When looking for a trainer, I think hygiene is very important. My former trainer stinks when he was sweaty– Now I have a new trainer and he’s great- the problem now is — if he looks good. If your trainer looks good- it’s hard to focus on all aspects. Either you don’t look at him or pray to God you’ll get used to his handsome great looks. So when I train now, I am excited because I know I have something good to look forward to- but he kicks my butt by making things so hard for me so you hate me during the whole training- then after, you look at him and everythings A-Okay.

3. Headaches- now I have a bad bad bad migraine- I dont know why but my head hurts. It’s throbbing and uncomfortable. Is it because when you punch the mitts you head feels like the impact feels like you’re being hammered from within?

4. UGLY Knuckles- I don’t have the nicest hands expected from a girl but my knuckles look like it’s nagkakalyo- calluses….making it uglier 😦 I don’t want to be superficial or maarte- but I want to take care of myself  and be a mother and a wife who looks GREAT at 35 with 4 kids – 🙂 plus health of course.

5. MUAY THAI FRIENDS- I used to train with my friends but stopped it because I want to learn and not socialize. I am not the most friendly person in the world, but this sports will give you a lot. Promise.

6. KNOWLEDGE- I expect myself to learn and learn all I can since life is so precious and muay thai is not just the art of fighting. I truly want to learn the culture and people behind the martial arts. So hopefully, I get a break from work and I do that vacation in Bangkok soon.

Lastly, I think it’s funny how I complain of pain or how hard it is but I still want to do things since life is so short. Why be binded with inhibitions, or not trying anything beyond the norm??? life is so short WE ALL should try anything, admire what looks good to the eyes, build special friendships with as much people as you can!