I went to Fitness Platinum within my building here in Makati to pay for my monthly dues…. So as I chatted with the manager and Nenny through the whole process, a guy stood beside me in the reception area. So as CID (one of the front desk officer) gave him locker keys and towels, I looked to my left– shocked, jaw dropped to the floor!!! It was Carlos Miguel from the Biggest Loser Asia! I have never really reacted seeing a celebrity in my life– really– but in less than 2 seconds I was talking to him. I asked, “Carlos?” and then he said “yeah” and I was like OMG I’m like a big fan of your show!! I can’t remember what else I said but I said, OMG Nenny, you have to take a pic of us. Then he apologized and said he can’t coz technically he signed a contract and that the Malaysian show is not yet due ’til March but they are back doing their thing still. I saw he was uncomfortable- I don’t know if it’s because he doesn’t feel comfortable being treated like a celebrity or because he is not supposed to be seen and recognized in public. Nenny (who knows nothing about the show) felt offended when he was saying no to pics and all that. I personally think he can say whatever he wants since it’s him I want to have a pic with…. I am glad he looked awesome and so much healthier…. He is not really my favorite in the show, but being a pinoy and in the red team- he was next. Kevin is the most adorable, angel looking contestant there… who knows, if I saw Kevin I would’ve FREAKED out. So not typical of a LEADER/BOSS, but hey, I was STAR STUCKED!!!!


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  1. So, my Boss has gotten Starstruck over someone who must be larger than i am…hmmmmm, maybe if I got fitter my Boss will notice and get Starstruck too? Hahaha! Nice one boss but how can I get smaller when you know very well this is a foodie in your presence! See you around boss!

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