Perfect pinoy diet: no rice?


In a rice eating country like the Philippines, you’d often hear people on a diet saying they are cutting off or not eating RICE. Why? So technically, when you talk about losing weight the most scientific approach is lesser calories=more energy out to lose weight right? But I have seen co-students in Elorde doing a low or no carb diet who have lost 10-15 lbs in a week. Is it really safe? Technically, when you take out rice or the usual carb food that we all know like bread, biscuits, etc. it does not mean that we are not getting carbs from other food. We have to realize that meat rich in protein do contain a certain amount of carbs. So for the sake of balancing out our sugar intake and our insulin levels, I guess limiting rice is to an extent a good way of dieting.

Let me share the diet of my co-student in Elorde who lost soooooo much weight in a span of 6 months. He used to be 220 lbs and now at 160 lbs. He does work out everyday though– but if he lost a total of 60 lbs and we lose half of it, I will not complain!

Sample menu:


1 cup oatmeal/nesvita cereal drink


steamed kamote

sauteed sitaw

grilled chicken/lechon manok (quarter cut)




steamed kalabasa

tilapia(grilled or fried)


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  1. I’m acurrently into a no-rice or low carb diet.
    It’s actually a challenge knowing that these meals are more accessible than the healthy ones esp. if you are working.
    I am trying my best on a daily basis to allot time preparing food before I go to work.
    I also plan my meals on a weekly basis and shop them during weekends.
    So far, I feel less heavy everytime I eat salad during lunch and dinner or fruits at snack time.
    I just hope that it works out well for me.

    Thanks muller activa for the tips! 🙂

    • It’s so great to hear you eating healthy. Have you tried fruit cleansing? Usually it’s 3 days strictly no meat, processed food, just fruits. I’ve tried it 3 days after Christmas and clearly, it made me feel lighter, cleaner and gave my major organs a break.

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