BOXING:What do you need?


There are boxing gyms all around the Philippines that you can go to- price ranging from 150-400 per session. But unfortunately, for hygienic reasons, it’s best to have your own gear when you try out for BOXING. So what do you need on your first day?

1. JUGWater jug – with water (with lots of water, I suggest 1 liter or more

2.  POWERADE Gatorade, powerade to replenish lost fluid (you will sweat a lot!)

3.    TWOELThick hand towel – I sometimes bring 2 or 1 bath towel

4.    ProForce® Handwraps Hand wraps – if you are starting out, you can buy the cheaper ones like Titan/TKO ( less than Php 300) in your local store specialty shops: Cris Sports shop, Sports house, Olympic Village, Toby’s, etc. When you decide you will do boxing as a sport or exercise, you can use the professional white wraps usually imported from Japan (Php500-750) or move to wraps with label (I personally use Fairtex).

5.   BOXBoxing gloves – ahhh what to buy! before what, let’s talk about sizes. I suggest you start with something lighter like 8 -10 oz (women or kids) and 10-12 oz for men. As you progress, you can add weight to your gloves. For mits and bag routines, I only use 10 oz.  Now for the gloves: some people just buy gloves like TKO, Bulls which are economical (Php 1,500 below). However, since gloves are considered an investment because you will use them for a years, you can spend on TWINS -Thailand (PHP 2,500) or Everlast regular gloves (US) (velcro) (Php 2000). Personally, Twins last longer than any gloves I tried- next would be fairtex and last would be Everlast.

6.  SHOESRubber shoes- please do not attempt to buy boxing shoes if you will just try it out just to be in sync with the sport. A regular cross training or running shoes will do.

7.  SHRT Extra shirt – definitely need one or 2 unless you wish to dry your eeaky sweat after practice.


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